Anton & Alina

Our heart did cartwheels when Alina & Anton decided to chose us for their wedding celebration. This wedding of a lovely couple from Germany was nothing short of magical! 
One of the best parts of Jewish culture is experiencing close-knit togetherness created through time-honored traditions.


Traditions serve many purposes, but we believe the biggest reason we cherish traditions is that they foster sweet memories. One of those traditions is epic celebrations like this Germany Jewish wedding. Nothing compares to the excitement and warmth of a Jewish wedding.




During exchanging vows, family members cried happy tears and prayed over the couple beneath the large tent. Loved ones completely surrounded the couple with love and support – the perfect way to begin a marriage. After smashing the glass, we took a few more family pictures, gave a few more hugs.


The rest of the evening was filled with intimate moments between the happy couple and increadibly jolly dances.


This unforgettable Jewish wedding in Germany featured all smiles until the very end. Mazel Tov to the newlyweds!




We have always loved being a Jewish wedding photographer in Germany.  Deeply rooted in tradition, Jewish weddings are filled with meaningful rituals and  also Jewish traditions that make them truly spectacular and unique. 
All the traditions including a ketubah signing and the breaking of the glass by the groom while everyone shouts Mazel Tov, the hora dance and challah bread cutting during the reception make for great photos, and guests love to dance and sing in Jewish weddings, enjoying the holiest day in the life of the newlyweds. 


If you are having an Orthodox jewish wedding, we can help to document your beautiful wedding celebration with outstanding photojournalism. 

We are your jewish wedding photographers in Frankfurt

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