7 Secrets to Getting the Best Wedding Photos


7 Secrets to Getting the Best Wedding Photos


Would you like to know how to get amazing photos at your wedding day? Here we share our top secrets to getting wedding photos you'll treasure forever.


1. Start early and plan your getting ready session


If you finish your hair and make up earlier, well that just means more photos of a happy bride! We would be happy to have enough time to get shots of all wedding details, dress and beautiful portraits of you. 
We should mention that lots of light and space, bright and pastel wall's color give us a chance to capture your bridal morning in a best way.


2. Hire a professional makeup artist & hairstylist


A professional makeup can make the editing process smoother and quicker. If you make sure your hair and makeup are perfect you will be happy with your best look and your photos. Always do a trial run before your wedding day so that you could make necessary tweaks beforehand.
Brining a camera to the trial session could help you to make sure the hair and makeup work well on camera. 

Your makeup should last throughout all your wedding day, so wear it for a day and see what happens. Ask for a wear-proof makeup to keep your makeup flawless.
Please don't use glitter on your face cause you can get a lot of tiny bright white highlights in your pictures once that flash goes off. Shiny equals white on camera. And grab some blotting tissues to keep you and the groom from looking shiny, especially if it's hot outside. 

3. Trust your photographer


You've put so many efforts to fine your perfect photographer, so  If he suggests another spot or doing some photos slightly later than you had initially planned, that's because he knows best. )) 
The only thing you can do is letting everything go and enjoying your day. In this case you'll be relaxed and looked amazing, adn your pictures will turned out smashing!
I'm sure your photographer will be there for you with all his experience 
and talent, he'll make all his best! 


4. Act natural and be yourself 


This is the day you've been waiting for a long time! So enjoy every moment! Try not to be rigid and stiff during photo sessions and all over your day. The photographer take pictures all the day, we would recommend smiling and showing emotions in a way that you normally would together. Relax! Because the more comfortable you feel, the more natural you're going to look. 


5. Schedule a photo session at sunset


Best time fot getting all those romantic, glowy and beautiful photos with magical light is golden hour, which is the hour directly before the sunset.  The last light is the best way to arrange a couple shooting, take your photographer outside to create soft shadows, and some sun flare. 

6. Schedule the time in your wedding timeline for shooting in your venue 


We're sure you have been choosing your perfect wedding venue for months and putting efforts into its decorating. And you finally get to see the reception you’ve been dreaming about. Give your photographer some time to take portraits of you inyour stunning wedding location. You have a chance to do this arriving to the venue in advance. This is the perfect moment to capture photos on the dance floor and throughout the ceremony and reception area without wandering guests in the background. Make sure you schedule enough time for each section of the day.


7. Do an engagement session

It gives you a chance to feel comfortable in front of the camera working with your photographer and he will know what works for you and what doesn't.


Hope our secrets help you! We wish you a pleasant and relaxing photo shoot at your Big Day.